Waleed Alsaggaf

No one can do everything. Together, we can do anything.

Mexican Chiapas

Balanced, with toasted almond and honey

You’re pretty down to earth, with realistic expectations about most of your life. You tend to be an optimist though, and always see the silver lining, even if everyone around you is covered in clouds.

Ethiopian Kellensoo

Juicy Body, with blueberry and apricot

Summer is your season. You love being outside all day, feeling the sun beat down on your face as you picnic in the park, letting time just melt away.

Ethiopian Kochere

Complex and Tea-like, with white peach

Are you coffee, or are you tea? Ambiguity is such a part of your personality that some people think you’re too much of an enigma to figure out, but we know you’re really just incredibly intriguing.

Columbia Granja la Esperanza

Bright Acidity, with dried cherry and cocoa

You are a very hopeful and positive person. You are the silver lining, always bringing a smile to people’s faces with your cheery disposition and beautiful smile.

Nicaragua Santa Teresa

Buttery Body, with pear and red apple

Your favorite time of the year is Thanksgiving. You love being safe and warm at home, as well as the crisp feeling of autumn air.

Kenya Thika

Big Body, with grilled peach and salted chocolate

You like to be the center of attention, without ever encouraging such attention yourself. The focus placed on you is understated and elegant, even though you’re trying pretty hard to pull it off.

Lupara Espresso blend

Smooth and Rich, with smoked chocolate.

Go big or go home is your motto. You like to make a dramatic entrance wherever you go, and appreciate the finer things in life, because they help you make excellent exits as well.