Welcome to my Blog,

Here you will find many qoutes, but a good selection in many subjects.

I love words, and the meanings it contains, especially when it is used in the right way, it is an art and a gift form God to give someone the ability to understands the meaning behind words, and most important being able to use this understandings for a better role in life, starting in dealing with God and then himeself and then family and then the rest of the world.

I picked up what I like and read from here and there and write it down to use it as an archieve to be able to come back to it any time, so the blog is a good way of doing that.

Usually I don’t mention most of the time who said the qoute, not as a matter of trying to lessin his importatnce or credibility or whatever, I just really  fox in the saying itself, besides sometimes I am not sure who the person is, so to avoide any crossing between people.

Meanwhile, I have a few of mine.

Therefore, have fun, try to learn something, and if you come out with one benefit, then this is an achivement, and don’t forget me from your good wishes.

God bless all of you,,

Waleed Alsaggaf